Wind Music

Sports et Divertissements


arranged by Tony Turrill

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn




Click on the quaver and of the twenty short pieces, you will hear:  

   La Comedie Italienn: La Chasse: Les course: Le Pique-nique; Le Tango (perpetual)



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Erik Satie was commissioned to write these twenty short pieces to accompany a set of twenty illustrations by Charles Martin, a fashionable illustrator at the time of the Great War. All are short, some, as you would expect from Satie, a little unusual. 

As well as composing the music,  Satie also provided a “story line”.  We provide an English version in the parts, no doubt losing some of its Gallic double entendre in translation but an indication, if not always a clear one,  of what Satie had in mind and was illustrating with his music.  The French version is placed where Satie wrote it in the score so the words may, if you so choose, be declaimed, “Walton Facade” style, as the piece is played but the quintet can be performed without this.

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