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NM2153 Borodin “Kismet” quintet

An arrangement of Borodin’s String Quartet no.2 that formed the basis for the successful musical “Kismet.  Some of the themes will therefore be familiar but justifiably so and there is plenty that will be new to enjoy if you are not familiar with he quartet

NM2152 Dvorak “American”

A new arrangement of a string quartet that Dvorak wrote when he was staying in America. When he departed he left behind Suk’  a son in law to be who was also one of his students with an instruction to write something sunny for a change.  He certainly took his own advice with  this quartet

NM2003  Faure Piano Quintet 

Three movements from Faure’s work for piano and string trio: Allegro molto, Adagio and a brisk Finale, Allegro molto. that make a substantial work and an opportunity for wind players to explore Faure’s melodic chamber music first hand.

NM2051  Grieg Eight pieces from the Lyric Suites

These eight pieces were chosen from the  66 individual  pieces of the Lyric Suites’ 10 volumes.   The first and last are the opening and closing pieces that Grieg himself used, Arietta and Rememberances   the remaining six are  in different moods and contain passages that sit particularly well on each of the five instruments of the wind quintet.

NM10 Haydn “Music in Miniature Serenade” 

A very simple quintet based on the well known string quartet movement that was used in a variety of arrangements to introduce the BBC’s chamber programme “Music in Miniature” in the 1940-50s. 

NM09 Satie Sports et Divertissements                                       

Erik Satie was commissioned to write these twenty short pieces to accompany a set of twenty illustrations by Charles Martin, a fashionable illustrator at the time of the Great War. All are short, some, as you would expect from Satie, a little unusual. Tony Turrill has arranged them for wind quintet with an optional narrator

NM 2014  Schubert  “Little Bear” Quintet

This is an arrangement by Tony Turrill of a three movement Schubert sonatina.  The haunting strains of the last movement, played by a wind quintet,  featured as the theme music for a Canadian TV programme about Little Bear and his farmyard friends; the cartoons were not quite in the class of Wallace and Gromet, however the music is unforgettable.