Producing new editions of the Strauss workshops took much longer than could ever be financially justified - over 1,500 man hours. However  the aim was never about making a profit. Firstly. it was to make the music more accessible and performed more often especially by the excellent semi-pro/amateur orchestras who find current hiring charges prohibitive.  Secondly, it was to raise money for a  very special charity.

It would be strange to find orchestras without access to a computer/ printer so we are selling the new editions as pdfs. This means they will be immediately available  worldwide via the internet with low printing costs and also no postage charges which because of the weight will be substantial even in the UK

I will then have the satisfaction of donating the complete income (*160 or 140) to   the NSPCC (the National Soc. for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) who since the 1880s have looked out for our needy and sometimes abused children and supported their families  throughout the UK.

The music carries the copyright trade mark of Norvik Music. Your purchase will license  you to use the pdfs  to make as many copies as you need for you own use. Copying music in all its forms is so easy these days that I suspect you may be approached to “make free copies” for others and I  trust that you respect the copyright . Please point out to other  interested parties that every unauthorised print  is effectively money taken from the NSPCC. and encourage them to make their own donation by buying a pdf from our site

The price for pdfs of the set of score and parts for the  NM2020 Strauss Sonatina “from an invalid’s workshop” is 140  and for  the NM2021 Strauss Symphony “from a happy workshop” is 160

If first  you want to explore the works then why not buy just a pdf score of either for 30 each or 50 for the pair.

If  later you buy  the matching pdf parts the price is 100 for the sonatina and 120 for the symphony. 

These prices  compare very favourably with hiring. Hiring the work for say a month including a concert could cost more than double these plus p & p both ways

For pdf sales click on this link to take you to check outᅠ

If you want to buy  prints then the prices printed by Juneemersonwindmusic will be

Sonatina       Set of score & parts 210

Symphony     Set of Score & parts 240

 Click here to complete the purchase

Special offer

The Struass’s, 613 pages of scores plus 38 parts, have  ca. 150 thousand notes. I used five different ways of checking them over five months while locked down. My normal practice as a final check is to persuade a group to play it through. So far Covid has prevented this. The offer is for the first group that buys one, plays it through and sends me an email with any significant corrections I will send a free  copy of the pdfs of the  other work

Tony Turrill

click here to listen  again  here for history of Strauss wind  here for key features of the editions