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NM2064 Elgar Serenade

Elgar’s well loved Serenade for strings, dedicated to his wife and arranged very effectively by James Breed to produce a wonderful romantic addition to the octet repertoire. 2ob; 2cl; 2bsn; 2hn.

NM2015  Mozart Ein Orgel-Stuck fur eine hur.

Mozart wrote two pieces for mechanical clock organ, this is the second.  Duncan Druce was commissioned to orchestrate it for the London Mozart Players and scored it for 2 oboes, 2 basset horns, 2 bassoons and 2 horns with an ad lib bass.  Parts are provided for clarinets to replace the bassets.


NM2111  Nielsen Suite from the opera Maskarade

Our setting of the Prelude to Act 2 and Dance of the Cockerels has been popular for some years.  We have now added the overture, two more dances,  the duet of the young lovers in act 2 and the opening of act 3 to these two movements to make a highly melodic octet that has a different composition to the standard octet (1Fl./2Ob./2Cl./2Bsn./1Hn.)

NM2010  Schubert octet

An arrangement for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 horns by James Breed based on an early sonatina for violin and piano.

NM2101  Suk Minuet and Polka

An arrangement by Tony Turrill for the standard wind octet, 2Ob, 2Cl, 2Bsn, 2Hn.  The minuet is taken from Suk’s Serenade for Strings, the second movement from his orchestral suite   Pohadka , labeled “Peasants Dancing” and ideally suited to the wind instruments, from the first moment of the rising theme of the two clarinets to the final chord.

NM2012  Warlock Capriol Suite.

Probably Warlock’s masterpiece, certainly his most played composition in his original orchestral version and a variety of arrangements. This arrangement by Tony Turrill is for the standard  Wind Octet,    He has also orchestrated it  for string orchestra, woodwind and horns (this may be hired POA)