Wind Music

Notturno No. 7

Joseph Haydn

Arranged by Tony Turrill for Wind Decette


In both this notturuno and no. 8, Haydn abandoned the two clarinets replacing them with two violins making the substantial works virtually concerti for two lira and a small string orchestra. Ironically this arrangement for wind decette relies entirely for its success on the presence of the two clarinets, especially but not only  in the last movement.  From the moment  that they introduce the first melody  it is difficult to imagine that movement without them but there are many examples  in all three movements where Haydn could have been writing for the clarinets, for example in the first movement bar 20 when somehow their oft used alberti bass perfectly suggests the atmosphere of a carousel, the spectacular runs at bar 50 that sit perfectly on the instruments and the imposing rising arpeggios before the repeat and at the end of this movement..

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