Wind Music

Notturno No. 6

Joseph Haydn

Arranged by Tony Turrill for Wind Decette


This Notturno is unique in that only two movements survive. The first movement is presto, the second movement is adagio.  It is reasonable to assume that the third was written but lost. It is difficult to imagine that King Ferdinand would otherwise have met Haynd’s bill; he doesn’t seem to have been the sort of man to accept deficiencies lightly. One archivist covered the problem by adding a third movement based on a Haydn symphony but it does not work.  A very acceptable solution for a performance that doesn’t leave it hanging in the air is simply to reverse the order. Play the andante first as an introduction perhaps leading attaca to the presto.  The excerpt below demonstrates this solution.

 A second suggestion that also works is to treat the last twenty bars of movement 2 as a coda that can be played allegro, this is the solution demonstrated in the full performance of Mvt.2.

In the presto the bassoonists have their moments.

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Mvt. 1

Mvt. 2


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