Wind Music

Notturno No. 3

Joseph Haydn

Arranged by Tony Turrill for Wind Decette


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Mvt. 1

Mvt. 2

Mvt. 3


This and no. 4 were the first two notturni that we arranged for wind instruments, using the simple expedient of  replacing the original violas with basset horns and using bassoons for cello and bass. Surprisingly it worked and worked well but didn’t quite fit so we turned to a wind decette to use for no.8.  The ensemble was so much better that we dropped the basset horn version and set about producing decette versions for all eight.  Enough of the history.  wheras some of the new settings feature one instrument this and no.4 are very much  for the ensemble work. Movement 1, starts allegro without introduction with a tutti of short sharp but piano chords followed after four bars with four bars of  suddenly forte melody, this changing dynamic often repeats throughout the movement and the movement that follows, usually piano for three or four instruments and then a forte tutti, a continual surprise for the audience. .  A rousing finale completes the work

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