Wind Music


For over 40 years I have operated as Norvik Music. and used it for  various websites and their addresses. All but one should still work.  The exception is NorvikMusic .com. I overlooked registering it, so the proprietor of a relatively new Chinese website decided to use my long established registered trade mark for his web and gmail address. As a result, search for Norvik Music and you are more likely to find information about mood music than wind chamber music; an annoying confusion, just as we are launching our most important ever venture - the new editions of the two Richard Strauss wind symphonies

This led me to take stock. I have now arranged for all my old registered addresses to be automatically redirected on our server to the current secure address hhtps://norvikwindmusic.co.uk This should be displayed in the address bar at the top of this and every page of the site.  The current home page features Strauss and should have  played you some examples from his wind symphony “from a happy workshop”.

 If this address is not showing the secure address hhtps://norvikwindmusic.co.uk &/or your home page did not feature Strauss  it is likely that your cache is the reason, probably helpfully saving you time by using the last web address you used to find us.

Using www.norvikwindmusic.co.uk itself should work. If not rather than suggesting you spend time solving cache  issues I have  registered an additional address.  As it is new it will not be part of your computer history so it can’t be in your cache. Therefore using it will take you straight to the current secure https address on our server. First close this  errant version of my site and start afresh by entering www.mynorvikmusic.com in your browser


Enjoy the Strauss

Tony Turrill

If you have any problems please contact me on Norvmus@aol.com