Wind Music


Antonin Dvorak

Fl.,Fl./Pic,Ob.,Ob./Cor,Cl.,Cl./BassCl.,2 Bsn,2Hn.,contra

the cor and bass clarinet are used in three movements, altrenatives for 2Ob./2Cl. are provided


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  Mvt. 1

  Mvt. 2

  Mvt. 3

  Mvt. 4

  Mvt. 5


  Mvt. 7

  Mvt. 8

  Mvt. 9

  Mvt. 10



In 1880/1881, Dvorak originally wrote these legends as ten pieces for two pianos.  In this they resemble the perhaps more well known Slavonic Dances.  A second similarity is in the wealth of memorable melodies they contain.  They were dedicated to the Viennese music critic Hanslick who enthusiastically commented "perhaps this one is the most  beautiful of all the ten or perhaps another one.  Opinions may differ in this respect but one opinion [that] will be general and common to all  - is  all of them are beautiful!”  Again, as with the dances, Dvorak later rescored them for orchestra, the final version  being first performed in 1882.  However, our version is based on the piano score.  The instrumentation used is a double wind quintet with an added contra bassoon and the second flute occasionally doubles piccolo.  In movements 2, 4 & 9, the second oboe plays cor anglais and the second  clarinet plays bass.  These are the preferred arrangements but, if this is impossible, alternatives using oboe and normal clarinet are provided.  The contrabassoon is not ad lib, if all attempts to locate one  fail, a double bass might just be used.   The metronome markings and tempi indications are Dvorak's throughout.

The work is substantial, it will take around 40 minutes to perform without break, although a performance of a selection from the 10 movements is certainly  possible as the movements stand alone. They are:-

1. Andantino non troppo, quasi andantino 2. Molto moderato 3. Allegro giusto 4. Molto maestoso  5. Allegro giusto 6. Allegro con moto 7. Allegretto grazioso 8. Un poco allegretto e grazioso, quasi andantino 9. Andante con moto 10. Andante.

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