Wind Music

Quintet for Basset Horn, Clarinet and String Trio

Wolfgang AmadeusMozart

Arranged from the C major string quintet (K515) by Tony Turrill



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Movement 1


Movement 2


Movement 3


Movement 4


The ascending notes of the first theme of Mozart’s C major quintet, KV 515, could have been written specifically for the Basset Horn.  They are even pitched most appropriately to take full advantage of the basset notes.  This led to the current arrangement.  Purists will no doubt be offended, string players will perhaps be annoyed at the tampering - our justification is twofold.  Why should string players have all the fun and be the only people to enjoy playing one of Mozart’s greatest chamber works? More importantly, would  Mozart be at all upset? Probably not. He was not above adopting a similar process - after all, the serenade for 13 wind instruments made him a bob or two in the disguise of a string quintet.


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