Wind Music

“Music In Miniature” Serenade


Arranged by Tony Turrill for wind quintet from the serenade from quartet 68


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Research has shown that babies respond to signature tunes that they have heard while still in the womb.  They certainly are one of the most potent keys to unlocking childhood memories of the “wireless”. For many, Scheherazade will always be associated with the original “Paul Temple”, the Knightsbridge March with “In Town Tonight”, Weber’s Invitation to the dance with Benny Goodman and this piece with “Music in Miniature”.  The last, a programme of miscellaneous chamber music, was introduced by this Haydn Serenade, arranged for whatever combination of instruments was playing that week. The producer chose the title of the programme for  those of us who might have read the radio times and if we had realised it was “chamber music” immediately switched to the American Forces Network to listen to some Big Band Jazz.  There was also no clue in advance of what the programme would contain so again we couldn’t switch it off if it was some strange composer like Hindemith.  The musicians included many whose names remain legends to this day - Leon Goosens, Frederick Thurston, Archie Cambden, Denis Brain and of course the flautist Gareth Morris.

Many years later the same now late Gareth Morris became the flute tutor on our annual chamber music course for wind quintets.  This simple arrangement of the “Music in Miniature Serenade” was played for him as a way of saying thank you, firstly for opening the door to the world of chamber music to many and secondly for the kind and courteous way he taught generations of students on the event.  With his perfect sense of pitch, it must have at times been quite painful but he always persevered with good humour and a fund of stories.  In over twenty years, he never repeated one! The surprise performance generated a few more including one that revealed that during the war the musicians were employed to play short specially commissioned new works that carried hidden messages to our agents in Nazi occupied Europe

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