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Clarinets/Basset Horns/Alto /Bass Clarinets

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NM2052   Hacker Five pieces

Five short and straightforward pieces for three, four or five clarinets (Cl./Bhn/Alto/Bass with alternatives),, arranged by Alan Hacker from  works by Mozart, Handel, Purcell and Grieg.   

NM2032   Monteverdi  Ave Maris from the  Vespers

Monteverdi’s masterpiece arranged for clarinet choir (2Eb/Bb/Alto orBHn/2Bass) by Tony Turrill 

NM03       Mozart Adagios

New editions or completions by Tony Turrill of the three Mozart Adagios for Clarinets and Basset Horns plus an arrangement of the slow movement of Mozart’s Oboe Quartet for Cl./3B.Hn,  all with alternatives for the common clarinet quartet instruments.

NM04       Mozart Divertimenti 1,2 & 3

Often played on two clarinets and bassoon this edition is for Mozart’s original instrumentation, three Basset Horns. The difference in sonority is amazing; alternatives for several combinations  are provided 

NM2082   Mozart  Sonata for three basset horns

Playing the above divertimenti in the original combination inspired this arangement  by Tony Turrill of a Mozart piano sonata.

NM06       Mozart “Three Ladies and an Orchestra”

An arrangement by Alan Hacker of the trio from act 1 of The Magic Flute; three Bb Cls. for the ladies and one for the orchestra.  A surprisingly well balanced quartet that is a small tribute by Alan’s to his lifelong love affair with the music of Mozart.

NM2005 Sweeney Cha b’ann grad 

This  piece for seven clarinets was arranged by William Sweeney from his opera An Turus   The playing time is only three minutes but once heard, the haunting  melody  will remain in the listener’s mind for much longer.  It was first played by some of his many friends at Alan Hacker’s sixtieth birthday party and then again later by the great and good of Britain’s clarinet profession at his funeral..  This work is an essential addition to any Clarinet Ensemble’s repertoire (6Cl/Bass Cl)

A sax choir version has been prepared and recorded by Richard Ingham,  NM2005s