Wind Music

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  • Nielsen maskarade suite   (1fl/2ob/2cl/2bsn/1hn NM2111
  • Reinecke sextet from clarinet trio no. 1. (cl./bhn./2vn/va/ce.) NM2171
  • Reinecke Andante from clarinet trio no. 2. (cl./bhn./2vn/va/ce.) NM2172
  • Satie sports et divertissements  (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM09
  • Schrecker intermezzo (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn.) NM2154
  • Schubert clarinet quintet (cl./2vn/va/ce).NM05
  • Schubert/Breed  wind octet (2ob./2cl./2bsn./2hn.) NM20
  • Schubert”Little Bear” wind quintet (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn.) NM2014
  • Spohr nonet from double string quartet no. 4 (windquintet/vn/va/ce./bass) NM2151
  • Suk minuet and polka ( 2ob; 2cl; 2bsn; 2hn) NM2101a
  • Suk romance from pohadka (solo Cor./2fl./1ob./2cl./2bsn./2hn) NM2102
  • Strauss Sonatina and Symphony(2Fl/2Ob/C Cl/2Cl/Bhn/BsC./2Bsn/Contra/4Hn) NM2020/2021
  • Sweeney Cha b’ann grad for Clarinet Choir (6 Bb cl/ Bass cl.) NM2005
  • Sweeney Cha b’ann grad arrange for sax. by Richard Ingham (3sop/alto/2ten/bari) NM2005s
  • Warlock Capriol Suite for wind octet (2ob./2cl./2bsn./2hn) NM2012