Wind Music

Catalogue I to M

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  • Monteverdi; ave maris from the vespers (clarinet choir) NM2032
  • Mozart 3 ladies & an orchestra   (4 bb cl.) NM06
  • Mozart clarinet quintet in A  for basset clarinet (cl/2vn/va/ce) NM2001
  • Mozart clarinet quintet in Bb  (cl/2vn/va/ce). A completion NM01
  • Mozart divertimenti 1,2 & 3   (3bhns with alternatives) NM04/1/2/3
  • Mozart Ein Orgel-Stuck fur eine hur, K608 ( 2ob./2bhn/2bsn/2hn../ad lib bass) NM2015
  • Mozart fantasia for clock organ 1 (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn.) NM2087
  • Mozart fantasia for clock organ 2 (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn. NM2088
  • Mozart piano sonata (arranged for 3 bhn.) NM2082
  • Mozart quintet for CLARINET, BASSET HORN AND STRINGS (cl/bhn/vn/va/ce.) A completion NM02
  • Mozart quintet k515 set for CLARINET, BASSET HORN AND STRINGS (cl./bhn./vn/va/ce.) NM12
  • Mozart, Handel, Purcell and Grieg, five pieces (cl trios and quartets) NM2052
  • Mozart  Adagios (cls and bhns with alternatives) NM03