Wind Music

Catalogue A to H

Publications are listed in alphabetical order of their composer’s names

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  • Borodin “kismet quintet” (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM 2153
  • Brahms serenade no. 1, a chamber version (fl./2cl./bsn/hn/2vn/va/ce/bass) NM2161
  • Brahms serenade no. 2(2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn/2hn) NM2053
  • Brahms variations and fugue on a theme of Handel. (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn/2hn) NM2034
  • Brahms variations on a theme of Schumann (fl;fl/pic ,ob: cor: cl: bass cl: bsn, contra) NM2086
  • Bruch eight pieces (cl./bhn./2vn/va/ce.) NM2081
  • Byrd carman’s whistle  (fl./ob./cl./bsn) NM2141
  • Dvorak “the american” (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM2152
  • Dvorak legends (wind decette and contra –some mvts with 1picc;1 bass cl preferred) NM2041
  • Dvorak rhapsodies no.1, 2 & 3 (2fl,fl/pic;2ob,ob/cor;2cl,cl/basscl;2bsn,contra,2hn.) NM2061,NM2071, NM2063
  • Dvorak serenade for 11 wind (2ob./2cl./2bhn/2bsn/contra/2hn.) NM2016b
  • Elgar serenade (2ob./2cl./2bsn/2hn) NM2064
  • Faure piano trio  (pno/ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM2003
  • Grieg eight movements from the lyric suites (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM2051
  • Haydn a simple serenade in 1 mvt. (fl./ob./cl./bsn/hn) NM19
  • Haydn notturni 1 to 8.  All set for wind decettes (2fl./2ob./2cl./2bsn/2hn) NM2155/1 - 8
  • Hummel clarinet quartet (cl/vn/va/ce) NM2002