Wind Music

Sextet for Clarinet, Basset Horn and String Quartet


arranged by Tony Turrill from Bruch’s 8 pieces for Clarinet, Viola. & Piano



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Mvt. 1 Andante

Mvt. 2 Allegro con moto

Mvt. 3 Andante con moto

Mvt. 4 Allegro agitato

Mvt. 5 Andante Roumanian melody

Mvt. 6 Andante con moto

Mvt. 7 Allegro vivace

Mvt. 8 Nocturne


Bruch’s eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano contain some of the finest writing for clarinet in the chamber repertoire.   Originally scored for clarinet, viola and piano they were written by Max for his clarinettist son Max Felix.  They were composed together with the concerto for clarinet, viola and orchestra between 1910 and 1911, towards the end of Bruch’s life.  The eight pieces are typical of his style.  Despite being written at a time when many composers were experimenting with Modernism, they are entirely Romantic in style

As part of a long standing campaign to increase the repertoire of the Basset Horn, it was originally simply intended to transcribe the viola part for basset horn.  The part lay  well within its range and the combination of the two clarinets was appealing, as Mozart  and Mendelssohn had already clearly demonstrated.  However, it soon became obvious  that at least two of the movements needed a stringed instrument.  Movement 3 works so  well because of the marked contrast between the violent passion of the viola and the quiet  serenity of the clarinet that two clarinets could not begin to approach.  The Rumanian  melody also cried out for the sonority of a stringed instrument.  This more ambitious solution was the result, using the two clarinets with strings in the manner of the Mozart Quintet, K580b .

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