Wind Music

Variations on a theme of Handel

Johannes Brahms

arranged by Tony Turrill for wind decette and contra

Flute, Flute/picc, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2Horns, Contrabasson

    Click on quaver sign to hear the theme, some variations and the opening/closure of the fugue





here for the full virtual performance


In addition to the well known variations on the St. Anthony Chorale, Brahms wrote several sets  of variations including those for piano on themes by Paganini (2), Schuman and Handel.    This set, which has has been arranged for a wind decette from the original piano score , has been edited to  reduce its size somewhat -  even now it lasts for around 15 minutes.  The reduction  has been  achieved by selecting those variations which sit most readily on the wind instruments with the minimum departures from the original score.  The selection also attempts to maintain the variety and continuity of the original.   It started its life as a commision for a small orchestral setting but this octet  version has proved more popular  

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