Wind Music

Quintet for  Bb Clarinet and String Quartet

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1st Movement (K516c ) completed by Duncan Druce

Movements 2, 3, & 4 arranged by Tony Turrill from String Quartets K589 & K464

Clarinet in Bb, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello

New  price structure  for Mozart’s second Clarinet Quintet, in Bb.


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Mvt. 1




F0llowing the success of his clarinet quintet in A, Mozart began writing another for the Bb instrument. He completed the exposition of the first movement, started the development and then his work inexplicably stops at the bottom of a manuscript page.  We know that his other fragments were sketches, “works in progress”, as they are obviously incomplete pages. On this occasion, he either ran out of paper or ideas, was distracted to complete another work or, perhaps worst of all, finished the work and the remaining manuscript was then lost.  We shall probably never know.  Until the rest is discovered, if ever, Duncan’s completion of Movement 1 remains an excellent substitute

Alan  Hacker recorded it on Amen Ra/Saydisc CD-SAR 17, More recently, Richard Hosford (BBC principal) clarinet featured it in a radio 3 south bank concert. .

In 1998 Duncan and I published a printed edition and with his permission I added three movements taken from  Mozart string quartets, two written on the same paper as the exposition. The late Alan Hacker and a string quartet spent an evening playing the quintet and later he wrote to me “ The Quintets of Mozart, Brahms and Weber and the quartets of Hummel, Crusell and VanHal are the finest works in the clarinet chamber repertoire.  30 years ago, Duncan Druce completed the Mozart Clarinet Quintet Movement, K516c, making a grand addition to the above and a wonderful opener to a quintet programme. Tony Turrill has now added three movements - arrangements from K589 and K464.  These are absolute delights and I have the same thrill playing them as with my first encounter with the Mozart and Brahms (Time passes by and perhaps the name Alan Hacker  doesn’t mean much to you, if so click here for a brief biography)

I have loved playing it so I want others to enjoy it. Mozart wrote for a Bb basset clarinet. Realistically we knew that most of us will play it on the standard  instrument so we provided parts for both instruments, basset and normal.  Our  original price of 25 covered printed parts and score for both normal and basset clarinets. Let me suggest a more economical process for those of us who only own a standard Bb and are happy to use digital and pdfs.

If you haven’t already done so, put half an hour to one side  and listen  to the four movements: Alegretto, Larghetto, Minuet and Trio & Finale .  If you like what you hear, get just the clarinet part, have a blow through  Keep listening until you know the string parts as well as you know your own.  Well worth 4 just for Mozart’s exposition, never mind the contribution of Duncan and I. 

If it  appeals,  then get the  string parts and discuss  with  members (leader?) of your potential string quartet, they may  know the string quartets used in mvts 2,3 & 4 and even be pleasantly surprised how well they look in this changed format. Duncan Druce  commended my contribution saying “it had been cleverly done”. (Click here to see a copy of Duncan’s biography and why I rate his copmments}

Unless you are especially interested in how the basset clarinet  part works I suggest you now have all the music you need.  Playing the parts as a quintet is by far the best way of finding out how well things fit together. If you really feel you need a score I will attach a complementary copy  I suspect it won’t be used very often.  Print it if you like or just read as needed on say a tablet. anyway it is free, unless you like make a suitable contribution to the NSPCC directly, all my proceeds from this work will go to them


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