Wind Music

5 Pieces by Mozart, Handel, Purcell & Grieg

arranged by the late Alan Hacker

Combinations for three and four miscellaneous clarinets

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Grieg          The Death of Ase.    2 Bb, 1 A /Bass Cl..

Mozart       “Women watch your backs” from the Magic Flute.   3 Cl.

Purcell        Grand Dance: Chicane from King Arthur.   3 Bb/Bass Cl..

Handel        Sinfonia from Serse   Cl., B.Hn. or Alto Cl. /Bass Cl.

Handel        Minuet from Saul,     2Bb/Bass Cl.


For many years, Alan was associated with the NorviK wind event and three of these pieces were arranged for regulars - Peter Fisher, the late Sir Nick Shackleton and Phyllis Champion.  The Purcell and Grieg were added later to complete the set..

They are all from operas that Alan conducted in Europe and reflect his willingness to enjoy any kind of music in the widest possible variety of formats. In the Clarinet and Sax. Society magazine, Richard Ingham commented on the very effective, rich  sonority that the arrangements achieve.  The Death of Ase was played at his funeral by a choir of his collagues and friends.


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